Hi. I’m, Zoe, as a counsellor with a background in psychology I have worked for many years with families with young children. I love to walk alongside people and families as they navigate change, supporting them when they feel stretched beyond the limit, re-enforcing decisions and encouraging you to move on to the next adventure in your life.

Navigating grief, shock, anxiety and depression to joyous, conscious, confident and positive decisions. Happiness isn’t everything because how can you recognize amazing if you don’t have anything to compare it with. Call me to discuss the Happy Henna challenge.

Grace “Understanding my trauma helped me manage my grief, anxiety and depression.”

Happy Henna Challenge

Walking the curve – coaching for parents. Everyday matters when you’re parenting, learning to come from a place of Love can make all the difference. Support is only a phone call away.

Solution focussed Behaviour management and social skills development.

Contemplative therapy for clients on the autism spectrum – young or old.

Sarah “I had so many more everyday techniques for managing my stress and anxiety after completing the 12 week RIT program.”

Bumps and Bubs – bonding and baby massage for sensory integration. Support for mum’s with new babies to bond and begin well, setting the foundation for a lifetime of Love and Happiness with your child. Call me to talk about Lets Mamba.

FIFO family support for those experiencing the FIFO life style, you are not alone. Find support and understanding.

Rates are based on circumstances and often refundable by medical insurance.


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