A journey or adventure one step at a time. No need to be stretchy or bendy just willing to try and you will be amazed how yoga extends your strength and flexibility both physical and mental. Young or old or anything in between yoga shows and develops a respect for self and others quite unlike anything else. producing the serenity from which to solve problems.

Reflective yoga practice assists with processing and embodiment of topics and incidents. Individual or in groups.

Reflective Mandala

Rehab yoga for those who have had an illness or injury and need support returning to life. Private one on one and small groups for specific attention.

Success stories:

Margie tore the ligaments around her knee doing house work. After the second week of physio she was going nuts not being able to do anything not even swim so she spoke to her phsio and started using specifically adapted carefully managed modified yoga asanas to relieve her frustration and facilitate healing. “I couldn’t believe it after 6 weeks of physio and yoga my physio commented on my amazing recovery!”

Wes injured left and then right shoulders one after the other and was totally frustrated by the tweaking pains that frustrated everyday life preventing any other form of sporting activity. “By working within the capacity of my body yoga was still possible. It relieved stress and frustration and facilitated healing.”

Mindfulness and meditation supporting and strengthening your natural resilience and energy.

Liz “I was amazed by the difference the regular practice of meditation made to my life. I feel so reconnected with my values and re-energised with enthusiasm for life.”

Kids yoga at home, in kindys, schools, community centres and gardens. Themed fun activities ranging from walks in a forrest to mall crawl and pirate parties.

General sessions in person and on zoom:

Monday 5pm,

Saturday 12.30pm and 4 pm.

Call Zoe on 0405317768 to join. Or

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